Mindful Reflexology

Anxiety and depression are less understood than other health issues and the numbers of people suffering in the UK is growing, with 1 in 4 estimated to experience some kind of mental health problem, plus rates for antidepressants are increasing. 

Women are most vulnerable to anxiety and depression between the ages 45 - 54, possibly due to a drop in oestrogen and an increase in cortisol, plus taking on too much and being pulled in different directions. (

Stress, anxiety and depression can make life feel really hard.

As a reflexologist I can help by working with an individual to reduce or stop the stress response and cycle. Relaxation is the key to health.

I have trained in Mindful Reflexology with Sally Earlam ( It is a method of reflexology which includes sequences for working areas of the body that can hold emotion and tension - specifically chest, digestive, brain, spine, reproductive areas plus alot of slow, calming, relaxing moves. I take a holistic approach, working the feet with intention, using affective touch, slowly to calm the system, or faster if the reflexes require waking up. The aim is to reduce the fight or flight response in the body and to give hope to the clients suffering from stress, anxiety and depression.

I provide a peaceful, safe, non judgemental space for your treatment, where you can be yourself and I can work with you alongside self help measures to support you in improving your mood and overall well-being.


The following measures may be helpful for you in starting to reduce your stress/anxiety levels :

  • Regular exercise
  • Reducing caffeine, alcohol and other stimulants
  • Increasing time with friends and family and talking about feelings, plus asking for help
  • Deep breathing
  • Practicing mindfulness techniques which aim for you to be aware of your thoughts and feelings with no judgement
  • Prioritising sleep and having a good sleep routine
  • Eating regularly and including lots of fruit, vegetables and wholegrains in your diet
  • Staying well hydrated
  • Journalling your feelings
  • Doing something you are good at, or trying something creative

 Remember you are not alone and you can overcome this. The main thing is to start somewhere and take it from there.