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Stress Awareness Week November 4th 2019

With Stress Awareness Week it is important to address this topic. When levels of stress become too much to cope with you may find yourself not sleeping, having more headaches, stomach problems, aches and pains,, dizziness, feeling more emotional, in fact everything may feel an effort and you might just want to stay in bed. This can really impact your health and life and can lead to depression, an...

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Mindful Reflexology

Anxiety and depression are less understood than other health issues and the numbers of people suffering in the UK is growing, with 1 in 4 estimated to experience some kind of mental health problem, plus rates for antidepressants are increasing.  Women are most vulnerable to anxiety and depression between the ages 45 - 54, possibly due to a drop in oestrogen and an increase in cortisol, plus ...

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Complimentary Therapy and Cancer Patients

For some time now I have been volunteering at my local hospital within the oncology unit where free complimentary therapies including reflexology and Indian head massage are offered to people suffering from cancer. Why did I become a complimentary therapist and what made me want to volunteer? Starting out with a career in the food industry 30 years ago I was thrown into stress and...

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Women's Health and Reflexology

The way people are living their lives has changed dramatically over the last century. According to the Office of National Statistics, more women are now working than ever before plus trying to manage a family and run a home. It's no wonder alot of women feel stressed and pushed for time. Often we put ourselves last on the list and wonder why we then cannot sleep, or functi...

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